Vodafone Launches Customer Experience Center For Enterprises

Explore a world of innovative communication solutions for your business needs

Mumbai, May 17, 2012: Vodafone India Ltd., one of India’s leading telecommunication service providers, today launched the first-of-its-kind ‘Customer Experience Center’ (CEC) for business customers. Vodafone ‘Customer Experience Center’ is a state-of-the-art engagement facility designed to enable business customers to explore a world of innovative communication solutions. Marten Pieters, MD & CEO, Vodafone India Ltd. and Naveen Chopra, Director –Vodafone Business Services were present at the launch.

Vodafone CEC is located at the corporate office of Vodafone Business Services in Mumbai. Spread over an area of 2,500 sq.ft, the Center has on display a suite of Total Communication Solutions comprising of Wireline and Mobility offerings hosted in a high tech and customer friendly environment.

The CEC provides an ambience resembling a futuristic zone totally different from the ‘usual’ meeting environment, reinforcing Vodafone’s innovative approach to the market. At the CEC, invited customers are taken through a journey comprising of interactive presentations, innovative live demos and discussions, to identify their communication requirements and offer customised solutions for their business needs. The information is available to customers at their fingertips, illustrated through an enriching brand experience.

Marten Pieters – MD & CEO, Vodafone India Ltd., said “Vodafone Business Services is an integral and key component of our India growth strategy. With the global advantage and connect with Vodafone Global Enterprise (VGE) business unit, we are uniquely positioned to serve the needs of international as well as national companies in India. At Vodafone, we always aim at offering innovative and differentiated communication solutions to our customers. The Customer Experience Center is a gateway to the entire world of Vodafone Business Services and how it would help our customers to an easier path of growth. ”

Naveen Chopra, Director – Vodafone Business Services commented, “Vodafone Customer Experience Center is the touch point to reach out to our business customers. The CEC is a stimulating environment for discussion, development and solutions, focused on gaining a deeper understanding of our business customers’ needs. It’s a clear way of showing each customer what ‘their’ Vodafone can do for ‘their’ business, be it an existing implementation or future choices and possibilities.”

CEC Tour – An Enriching Brand Experience

At the CEC, a customer is taken on a journey by a dedicated Vodafone CEC Manager who guides them through the different sections identifying their business challenges and recommends communication solutions best suited to their business.

· The tour starts with a discussion on the customers’ business concerns and identification of their communication needs.

· One of the many highlights of the CEC journey is the live interaction with the Vodafone Network Operating Center (NOC) housed in Pune. Through a big screen the customers can talk with the NOC team and understand what keeps their network running.

· This is followed by an overview to the Solutions Zone where customers can experience a live demo of Vodafone Business Services that includes Enterprise Mobility, Wireline Solutions, Machine to Machine Solutions and more.

· Towards the end of the journey, they are guided to a futuristic Multi-Touch Desk where they can explore all that they have seen on an interactive screen. This touch screen table top actually helps customers in bringing alive the experience.

Vodafone CEC will be opened for its business customers from June 2012. Vodafone Business Services hopes to reach out to its existing and potential customers with an aim to understand their business and communication needs better. There will be a mix of visitors from week to week and, depending on the potential and need, Vodafone will look to expand by developing the CEC in other cities thus catering to a larger pool of business customers.