Organic Brightening Facial

Organic Brightening Facial

VLCC, a leading player in the Wellness domain in South Asia and the Middle East, has launched its latest Organic Skin Brightening Facial. The facial enrichment service focuses mainly on pigmented, tanned and uneven skin for all skin types and age groups.

VLCC’s Organic Facial Treatment uses 100% natural ingredients. The facial is blessed with nature’s finely selected beauty ingredients. It is packed with the wonders of blackthorn, rosehip, cucumber and fibrous stonecrop – a key ingredient that is a naturally occurring herb, hailed for centuries for its beneficial qualities.

VLCC Organic Facial, being 100% chemical free, helps to slough off dead skin cells and reveal the new skin. The results of the facial also last for a relatively longer period of time. The treatment is absolutely safe and free of side-effects, respecting even the most sensitive of skins. Organic alternatives to skin care offer gentle, yet effective relief to those suffering from skin conditions or simply for those who prefer natural skincare solutions, free of side-effects.

We are all tired of the skin that looks parched, patchy and wrinkled. The real culprits are pollution, erratic working hours, high temperature and sun’s rays. Many may have tried various facials to get a youthful glow on their face, but this time, revel in the luxury of VLCC’s Organic Skin Brightening Facial and feel the difference. The treatment heals sunburned and irritated skin, gently lightening and preventing pigmentation. It has instant brightening, rejuvenating and nourishing properties.

Ideally, the facial needs to be taken once a week for 8 weeks to achieve optimum results. The VLCC Organic Skin Brightening Facial is priced at Rs 3500 and the duration per sitting is approx 1 hour 15 mins.

Pamper yourself with VLCC’s Organic Brightening Facial to get a glow that’s impossible to miss as you lose yourself to the beautifying miracles of nature.