The “Karma” Series…. Karamkshetra (The world of Karma)



A series inspired by the vivid illustration of “KARMA” originating the entire cycle of cause and effect in one’s life, “What you put into the world comes back to you…” Which merely means that whatever is the closing balance of one’s life becomes the opening balance of his next life!

These multihues in our 6 yards of canvas are a representative of our soul and its karma. The Red’s and Yellow’s depict Sukarma, the act of goodness and joyousness while the Blue’s and the Blacks depict Vikarma, the act of selfishness and jealousy.

The “Nirvana” Series… Colors of Nirvana (Karma. Dharma. Samsaara)

A series inspired by “Nirvana” the profound peace of mind, a state of being free from any kind of pain or misery, envoy of the calmness of mind one has after the fires of greed, detestation, and delusion have been extinguished.

These multihues in our 6 yards of canvas is a representation of the ultimate experience of paradise through our Karma, Dharma & Samsaara where the mind, soul and spirit has ended its identity with materialistic phenomena and encounters a sense of great peace through complete surrender to the ultimate divine.

The “Knowledge” Series… Word-Manthan (The Cream of Knowledge)

This saree represents the “Manthan” of the 26 English alphabets, which exudes the unfathomable ocean of knowledge. The initial start of knowledge is the foundation to the persona of an individual. Our kudos to the goddess of knowledge.

The “Divine” Series… Hue’s of Serenity

This series is a multihued illustration of the sacred fig weighty of the first parchment of knowledge on our 6 yards of canvas.. Our graphic representation epitomizes the serenity of mind felt by adorning these picturesque light drapes. This saree is our salutation to the king of trees. The “pipal” parchment or the “bodhi” as it is known in Sanskrit is the epitome of enlightenment of inner peace and strength.