Diamond and silver accessories collection for the Olympics fan

HomeShop18.com Accessories

HomeShop18.com Accessories

New Delhi, 20 July, 2012: If you are a sports enthusiast waiting for Summer Olympics with bated breath, HomeShop18.com has an offering just for you. To celebrate the once-in-four-year event, the e-commerce leader has launched accessories which are a sporty mix of things that an Olympic enthusiast would love to don while cheering for his /her favourite team.

The collection which complements the spirit of the event comprises of dapper trinkets in the shapes of football, basketball, dunked basketball, tennis racquets, stallion, sprinter, yacht wheel, hockey sticks, anchor, HomeShop18.com_Olympic Collection2.jpgHomeShop18.com_Olympic Collection.jpgrugby ball and many more! All jewellery items have real diamonds set in sterling silver.

Homeshop18.com has launched the ‘Olympic special’ offer on sports watches too. Since, most sports are bound by a time limit, what can be a better way of representing the essence of time than by wearing a sports watch? The watches are packed with all the possible features a sportsperson may seek in his/her timepiece. The sports watch collection has digital and non-digital display, leather straps or metal bracelets and are waterproof and water-resistant.

To help customers avail discounts and future benefits, HomeShop18.com has launched a unique ‘Shopping Olympiad’ where buyers will be identified as gold, silver and bronze customers. Gold Champs (those who shop for more than 25,000 a week) can win a four-wheeler and a lifetime membership to save more, silver champs (those who shop above Rs. 10,000 a week) can win a two-wheeler and enjoy select discounts and bronze champs (those who shop above Rs. 5,000 a week) can win an appliance or tablet and a gift coupon.