Shinchan Bungle In the Jungle Hits Cinemas on 1 April 2011

Shinchan Bungle

Shinchan Bungle

Mumbai, March 14, 2011 : This April fool’s day, Hungama TV’s most loved TV character – Shinchan, makes his big screen debut!  SHINCHAN is all set to tickle the funny bone of kids and families across India in his latest movie – BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE on April 1, 2011.  Shinchan will be soon traveling to various cities to meet and entertain his fans.

Geared toward a kid and family audience, Shinchan in BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE follows the adventures of Shinchan, his family and friends as they hop on board a cruise for a South China Sea Trip with his idol Action Kamen. But they hit upon rough seas when a group of monkeys kidnap all the adults including Action Kamen as slaves for the self proclaimed ruler of the jungle – Paradise King!

Shinchan and his friends embark upon an exciting adventure to investigate the disappearance of all their parents and Action Kamen. Paradise King is determined to defeat everyone’s beloved and now it is upon little Shinchan to save the day along with sister Himawari and dog Shiro!  Join Shinchan as he takes on hungry crocodiles, crazy monkeys, raging rapids and powerful Paradise King!

Don’t miss the most playFOOL movie of this year in cinemas on APRIL 1, 2011.

More about SHINCHAN - Without even trying hard, Shinchan manages to be a one-kid disaster squad. Shin Chan can single-handedly turn a pleasant afternoon into a long and never-ending battle of wits. He provides all age groups with something they can relate to – his care-free attitude, and his curiosity for new things.

Shinchan is one of the top rated shows in the kid’s space, rated number 1 for fun,  no.3 for performance and amongst top 10 favorite characters for boy boys and girls ( 4-14 years) (source Ormax Media, Small wonders 3 | Time Period: October 2010) .

Last year Hungama TV premiered Shinchan TV movie – Shinchan in Action Kamen vs. Higure Rakshas which had over 5 million individuals including 2.6 million kids. Hungama TV was the most watched channel during the premiere of “Treasure of the Buri Buri Kingdom” (Shinchan’s first movie) in All India & HSM.