Repair and Strengthen Your Damaged Tresses with SEAH Hair Spa Cashmere Bath Shampoo from Schwarzkopf Professional

SEAH Hair Spa Cashmere Bath Shampoo

SEAH Hair Spa Cashmere Bath Shampoo

Bangalore, 27th June 2012 – Dry, stressed hair can often be caused by excessive styling, sun damage and over exposure to the harsh environment. Schwarzkopf Professional brings to you SEAH Hair Spa Cashmere Bath shampoo tailored to the demanding needs of stressed and damaged hair.

SEAH Cashmere Bath Shampoo is a lavish shampoo specially formulated for broken and over stressed hair. This luxurious shampoo contains Amaranth Oil replenishing lost lipids in the hair structure, providing deep indulgent care without weighing the hair down. It also repairs, hydrates and protects the hair structure from further damage. With a creamy rich texture and luxurious Cashmere Protein Essence for a lovely soothing aroma, you will no doubt enjoy enveloping your hair in a soft and smooth lather that rebuilds and smoothens as you rinse.

Help your hair to regain its vitality and restore its natural elasticity gently reconstructing the hair with this deeply caring shampoo. SEAH Hair Spa Cashmere Bath Shampoo offers you an uplifting daily routine that engages all your senses with the new luxury performance enhancing your hair quality and making you feel fantastic.

This sure is a perfect way to treat yourself with a daily moment of luxury.

Features: SEAH Hair Spa Cashmere Bath Shampoo: PRICE: Rs1600

Reconstructs and strengthens stressed, damaged hair with Marine Collagen and Cashmere Extract. Amaranth Oil precisely replenishes without overburdening. Gives hair a premium feel and sensation.