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Scalene Greenergy Corporation Launches Micro and Mini Organic Natural Gas Plant

Scalene Greenergy Corporation Launches Micro and Mini Organic Natural Gas Plant

Scalene Greenergy Corp Mini Gas Plant Launch

Photo caption: Scalene Cybernetics Chairman & Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, MNRE Advisor Dr. A. R. Shukla, Scalene Greenergy Corporation Ltd Ececutive Director & CEO Murali Kasi, Scalene Greenery Corporation Ltd Managing Director P. A. Backer and ITI Bangalore Chairman K. L. Dhingra at the launch of the Mini organic gas plant on 7th February 2011.

BANGALORE, FEBRUARY 07: Scalene Greenergy Corporation Limited (SGCL), a leader in innovative technologies in Biotechnology, oil and gas and environmental sciences, has launched micro and mini SERIGASTM organic natural gas plants today. Based on the technology of Microbial Incubated Bio Reaction system (MIBR), these micro and mini SERIGASTM gas plants are designed to produce natural gas from 3 kilograms to 4000 kilograms of feed per day.

Mr. KL Dhingra, chairman and Managing Director of ITI Limited, Bangalore, launched the SERIGASTM plants along with Dr. AR Shukla, Advisor, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India and Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, Group Chairman, Organization de Scalene. A host of other dignitaries including, Mr. Murali Kasi, Executive Director of SGCL, Mr. PA Backer, Managing Director of SCGL, Mrs. Rajani Vijay Kumar, Executive Director, Scalene Cybernetics Limited and other industry leaders witnessed the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. AR Shukla, Advisor, MNRE (Ministry of Nonconventional & Renewable Energy) opined, “This technology will be one of the landmark contributions to the households and industries since it is of use to both lower capacity household and as well as in higher capacity industrial purposes such as cooling and refrigeration, pumps, vehicular applications and power generation. SERIGASTM comes at a time when there is acute shortage of energy and is a boon to households and industries.”

SERI organic fuel technology, a proprietary technology, is the first of its kind in the world that has been the result of over 8 years of research and development at Scalene Energy Research Institute (SERI). It has been designed to process any organic feed stock including food waste, kitchen waste, vegetable wastes, agricultural wastes, municipal solid wastes, slaughter house wastes, fish waste, poultry waste, water weeds such as water hyacinth, water lettuce and used news paper.

In the view of recent quest for alternate and clean energy sources, SERIGASTM comes as a significant step in alleviating the need for energy. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, Group Chairman, Organization de Scalene said, “It is a proud moment for us today. We believe that SERIGASTM will change the production and consumption of energy, at the time when the entire world is facing a severe energy crunch.”

SERI organic fuel technology is a multi stage, variable HRT, Microbial Incubated Bio Reaction (MIBR) system. The process aids in production of highly purified combustible gas in quantities 30 -60% higher than any currently used technologies. The design of the unit is fully modular with scope for expansion. SERIGAS has the efficiency of LPG and safety of firewood when used in cooking. Power can be produced even with the lowest capacity SERIGASTM plants with an optional small generator.

Highlights/Features of SERIGASTM Plants:

* A revolution in bio-methanization technology.
* Organic Natural Gas can be produced from any organic waste matter.
* Cost of gas production is significantly cheaper compared to conventional technologies.
* SERIGAS can be used for cooking, in automobiles or can be used to generate electricity.
* Can be installed quickly and easily at a low cost.
* Byproducts include NPK rich organic fertilizers and organic pest repellant.
*  Plant is compact and does not require much space.
* No civil work required for plants up to 300kg/day capacity and minimal civil work required for plants above 300 kg /day capacity.
* Plant operation is fully automatic.
* SERIGAS can be connected to existing/modified LPG stoves/cook tops.
* No carbon emissions. Carbon dioxide produced is reused in the system.
* Can avail carbon credits under UNFCC CDM Mechanism
* Extremely low hydrogen sulphide in SERIGASTM.
* Highly modular and can be expanded easily.

Uses/Advantages of SERIGASTM:

* Reduces waste management efforts and costs for customers and authorities.
* SERIGASTM is refined and purified to CNG standards.
* A replacement fuel for LPG, Diesel, Furnace oil, LDO and wood.
* SERIGASTM can be used in D.G.Sets and Boilers, in Thermic fluid heating, and for domestic and industrial cooking purposes.
* Carbon emissions are minimal compared to any other fuel.
* Highly economical and easy and safe to handle.
* Support from MNRE for gas bottling and electricity production.


  1. Stephen Klaber says:

    This sounds like great news. How much will one cost?

  2. R.P.R.Reddy says:

    Fantastic development.Furnish the economics and price of a 3kg/day unit and also the marketing arrangements.

  3. Vinod Khandare says:

    I want to purcheas this kit for home use.Please inform me the cost & your dealer contact with phone & address

  4. gurnam singh says:

    I would like to purchase this equipment for commercial purpose-for my restaurant kitchen for cost effectiveness.Please inform me the cost and how to contact you with your contact information.

  5. brijraj singh says:

    please send either a catalog or web address where more details are available.what is the pricing? am interested in procurring a dealership for this product.

  6. satish kulkarni says:

    I want to purcheas this kit for home use.Please inform me the cost, with phone & address

  7. jubin says:

    great incopration of technology for a green future. I would like to know abt dealership.

  8. Gopakumar C says:

    I would like to know about your Biogas kit. So please send all details to my e-mail address above.

    Gopakumar C

  9. Salavudheen says:

    I would like to know about your Biogas kit. So please send all details to my e-mail address above


  10. Chandran Ponattil says:

    I would like to know about your Biogas kit. So please send all details to my e-mail address above

    Chandran Ponattil

  11. Colonel Mangat Shanker Rampal says:

    After my retirement from the Indian Army I moved to the hills of Himachal Pradesh. I wish to purchase one SERIgas plant for household cooking. My request be taken as a firm order. Please dispatch by surface transport one complete set of the equipment, including, pipes and cooking range to my address: Colonel M Shanker Rampal, VPO: The Lawrence School, Sanawar, Kasauli, Solan Distt; Himachal Pradesh-173 202. Contact no. 01971261333 and 09418319901.
    Please advice me to whom should I send cheque/draft towards the cost of the equipment. In the newspapers the cost is Rs. 10,000/- Prompt action requested please.

  12. jasvinder says:

    please send me the detail & price of the SERI GAS plant. i want to purchase it for home use.

  13. basavaraj says:

    sir plz send ur seri gas plant details how i parchage tat

  14. arvinder singh says:

    please send me the detail & price of the GAS PLANT (SERI).I WANT TO PURCHASE IT FOR HOME.

  15. Tech know-how,marketing says:

    Dear sir,
    I am manufacturer of BIOMASS GASIGIER for past five years I am very much interested getting TECH, KNOW HOW TO manufacture an market In south India.



  16. pcgoyal says:

    fantastic we are keenly interestad in this product pl mail bangalore adress

  17. m.muniswamy says:

    Pl mail the details such as cost per 3 kg unit, space reqd, problems of foul smell etc, so that I can plan to install one for my home and also market them on a big scale.

  18. m.muniswamy says:

    when can I expect a reply to my query of 23/8/12.

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