Foot Soak Fizzy Lavender

Foot Soak Fizzy Lavender

With summer’s passing by, you might be tempted to pack away the sunscreen and moisturisers and the daily skin care that you were following. Monsoon is the time when our skin behaves little bit different thus it is very essential that we should take care of our skin during the rainy season in order to look fabulous. The high humidity may not be allowing our skin to breathe and helps dust particles to stick to skin more.

Few tips on how to keep your complexion glowing are:

Use a face scrub twice a week to exfoliate.
Avoid heavy moisturizing creams or oily makeup.
Use a toner each time you wash your face to close the pores and restore your skin’s pH balance.
Use face wash containing fruit extracts. It helps to freshen the skin & daily use helps to keep extra moisture & oil out of the skin.
Soaking the feet in warm or cold water can be very relaxing and reviving.
Wash your hair more often during the monsoons.
Drink plenty of water for good skin.

Try out some monsoon special best sellers from Iraya for a beautiful skin :

Anti Acne gel 50 gm 325
Solution for pimples, blackheads and problematic skin.
For problematic skin • aqueous extracts of 8 ayurvedic herbs

Castor Oil Shampoo 150 ml 345
Extra protein for nourishment. Improves texture and makes hair healthy & manageable.
For dull dry hair • castor oil, shikakai, mandarin oil, lavender, harshringar

Purifying Foot Soak Fizzy- Neem, Basil & Mint 25 gm 95
cleanses, tones and refreshes the feet, antiseptic, anti-inflamatory
neem, basil, mint oil, epsom salt

Madras Ubtan (Madras Scrub) 50 gm 345
Deep cleanses and purifies the skin to eliminate toxins.
For normal skin • neem, haldi, white sesame, black sesame, orange powder

Rose Face Tonic 150 ml 395
Purifies, rejuvenates and tones skin
For all skin types • rose water, manjistha, aloevera, indian rose

Sandalwood Shower Gel 250 ml 295
Gently cleanses and soothes, has excellent skin healing properties
For all skin types • sandalwood, saffron, basil