Jeevan Sathi – Parental Feedback A Key Influencer for Deciding on the Partner



Chennai, 16th June, 2011:  Today’s generation of youngsters who are independently choosing their life partner are slowly leaning towards their parents’ for feedback on the prospective groom or bride says a survey by India’s fastest growing matrimonial portal. The survey reveals that prospective brides and grooms despite being the final decision makers look up to their parents for feedback on their choice of a life partner. The feedback played an important role in shaping the choice.

The sample population of 25000 respondents was independent young people who were looking for a life partner on their own but still felt the need to take parental feedback on the choice of their partner.

The survey reveals that the father who was traditionally seen as decision maker (whereas the mother was an influencer) is moving towards a role where the children can look to him for a feedback and be their confidante in choosing a life partner. Fathers are slowly closing in on this space with almost 45 per cent of the 25000 respondents said that the feedback from the father plays a role in influencing their decision

The survey results said Mothers continue to be the subtle influencers with 55 per cent of the sample population stating that the feedback from the mother is a key factor before they finally decide on their partner.

Commenting on the findings of the survey Rohit Manghnani, Business Head, said,”The new generation of children of marriageable age are counting to lean towards their parents for opinion. Traditionally it was the mother who played the influencing factor and the father the decision maker. Today the roles are changing – the survey shows that young men or women take the decision and parents are looked at for feedback which is a key influencing factor. The father has also started playing the role of the influencer rather than the decision maker.”

When it comes to choosing a life partner parents especially mothers feedback plays an influential role in the decision making process of their children and choosing their marriage partner.

The survey received an overwhelming response and saw the participation of 25000 members. The survey was conducted ahead of the father’s day to gauge influencing and decision making patterns followed even among educated independent young people who were choosing their life partner.