Fotofalls Floor Photo Display

Fotofalls Floor Photo Display

Showpieces, vases, and other silly knick-knacks are out of vogue when it comes to bringing a nice gift for a housewarming party. A lot of thought and understanding of the host’s likes and dislikes, personality and size of the house always help make good choices. In short, the benchmark for good gifting has been raised, and these tips will see you through few of the upcoming housewarming parties on your social calendar, we guarantee.

Photo Display: If you are okay with taking some pains in planning the gift, scanning and printing photos of the host and his family, and gifting them along with a beautiful display piece are a great gift to take to a housewarming party. You can buy a lovely 6-piece frame that hangs on a wall, or go for the contemporary Umbra Nickel Fotofalls Floor Stand on, a tree-like photo stand that says cool and thoughtful at the same time.

Functional and quirky: While brining a set of glasses or dinner plates as a housewarming gift may scream ‘plain boring’, the range of quirky-and-functional products in the market is now thriving. Pick from among cool kitchen accessories to funky bath accessories such as the Umbra Wood Shampoo Shower Caddy or the Avocado Sink Liner and Trivet available on

Dinner basket: Since the hosts would have naturally been busy with setting up the house, most likely they have been ordering in instead of cooking their meals. Why not bring them a lovely dinner basket as a gift –packed with a wine bottle, an easy-to-make pasta, some delicious cake, aromatic candles and a beautiful blanket to set up the dinner on. For the leftover wine, gift them the Umbra Chrome Perch Wine Bottle Topper from

Something for the kids: If it’s a family, bringing something for the kids is always a good idea. We recommend the ‘bed in a bag’ Hot Wheels bedsheet and comforter set available on – functional and fun. Just make sure the little boys love their speeding cars.