Available for Rs. 12 only on 1st September, 2012

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Mumbai, 31st Aug, 2012: Craving for something sweet yet tangy, crunchy and velvety to bring some variety to the regular ice-cream? Gelato Italiano brings together the tantalising flavours of tutti frutti, blackcurrant, raisins ensconced in a creamy vanilla base and presents it in delicious cup for the gelato lovers. The scrumptious offering, named ‘Fruit Ninja’ will be available for Rs 12/- only on 1st September!

Bring out the adventurous and whacky traits with the exotic ‘Fruit Ninja’ that combines the zesty blackcurrant with the sweetness of raisins, melt in your mouth tutti frutti on a base of smooth and rich vanilla. The delicious flavour can also be had for Rs 18/- in a cone on 1st September!

Head to your nearest Gelato Italiano store and make the day special with the striking ‘Fruit Ninja’!

Available at all Gelato Italiano outlets in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, New Delhi & NCR