F and D W130BT Speaker

F and D W130BT Speaker

30th July, 2012: Sometimes, it takes a truly special gadget to create a new entertainment experience and in today’s world which has gone wireless, it is now possible every day. Fenda Audio’s newest introductions to its speaker range are also its finest yet; the W330BT and W130BT, the 2.1 wireless Bluetooth speakers promise nothing less than bringing a seamlessly crisp feel to your senses altogether.

Those who seek new aural experiences whether on their home couch or the office chair can now simply activate Bluetooth, hit play and sit back to relish incredible sound. While the W330 boasts of a 56W output and up to 28W of subwoofer output, the W130 gives a 42W output. The common factor between both, of course is the full, clear sound with a bass that will transport you right into the heart of the sound you are listening to. Delivering this core value of superior quality sound in both speakers is the CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) chipset. Also, both the W330BT and W130BT bear the tag of an SIG certification.

In the style department, both products are high scorers, with the W330 having a slight edge thanks to its unique cubic design and golden rings at its centre. It also packs along a super volume knob and a white LED ring with treble and bass control coming on the side panel. The W130, on the other hand has a heavy-duty look with a solid metal grill.

Worthy to mention, these wireless beauties do not consume too much desk space in urban settings, plus end up being power-friendly.

Perhaps the best feature of F&D’s latest gems is their sheer accessibility to a range of gadgets. At a time when an auditory experience is restricted by electronic devices not syncing, these speakers offer smooth connectivity to your favourite phones, thereby enhancing your work/pleasure experience manifold. Whether one is viewing a YouTube video on a tablet or simply playing Angry Birds on the phone, connecting them to the speakers surrounds the user with a novel, booming dimension.

Both the W130 and W330 are compatible with iPhones, iPods, iPads as well as Samsung Galaxy and HTC phones besides other Bluetooth devices. A delightful audio experience is simply a few buttons away.