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Orthopaedic Bed Range – Europedic

Bangalore, 18th October, 2011: Spring Air, USA’s leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of premium mattresses and pillows worldwide, today unveiled its new Premium Orthopaedic Mattress “Europedic Mattress” in India. In view of the rising luxury demand and the average Indian being open to modern and health conscious life style, Spring Air India recently launched their second factory in India and their first factory in South India near Bangalore, to provide support and comfort to consumers searching for an answer to their sleepless nights.

“The Europedic Mattress Collection was developed through extensive research and a deep understanding of what many consumers want most in a mattress – luxury and support without the problems they experience with traditional Indian coir or cotton mattress,” said Ashok Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of Spring Air India and Middle East. “We have already seen strong retail sales of over 1 million units of Spring Air including the Europedic range internationally in over 40 countries, and are confident Indian consumers will be just as excited about the newest additions to the Spring Air Collection. The Europedic range has been a breakthrough in sleep technology with its pressure-relieving comfort and conformability features.”

There are several variants in the mattress range like “Perfect Comfort”, “Ultimate Comfort” and “Majestic Comfort”. These mattresses use high density open cell structured foam along with 2” 5lb visco-elastic memory foam with listed ILD rating of 14 on the top in their assembly to provide the sleeper with the ultimate comfort throughout the life of the mattress, a quality sleep surface like none other, and for that perfect night’s sleep. Europedic also offers essential accessories like memory foam Comfort pads in all sizes, memory foam Contour pillow, Classic comfort pillows, Neck and All purpose pillows.

Europedic mattress has several unique features and is made from high density visco-elastic memory foam which softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mould quickly to the shape of the body because of its unique characteristics of being pressure and temperature sensitive helping to relieve pressure points, preventing pressure sores and allows a healthy and comfortable sleep. Memory foam eliminates uncomfortable pressure points and adjusts itself based on your body temperature and weight. It is known that we sleep on our mattress and pillows for about one-third of our lives or over 100,000 hours. Due to Europedic’s unique properties, tossing and turning are dramatically diminished and disrupted sleep patterns greatly eliminated coupled with memory foam contour pillow (which further aligns the spine and supports the head). Sleeping on Europedic mattress will ensure a luxuriant and restful sleep experience.