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It’s Like Magic! Crocs Chameleons Change Color In The Sun!

Stylish and comfortable color-changing footwear for kids and women

Crocs Chameleons

Crocs Chameleons

New Delhi — This season, Crocs takes its signature fun and innovation to a new level once again! Featuring a color-changing twist in striking designs, the Crocs ChameleonsTM collection continues to be the latest marvel for kids, and now for women as well! With over 18 color combinations to choose from, we are certain that no matter where you go, no matter what day of the week it is, you will be able to find the most comfortable and trendiest style that is perfect for you

In a variety of fashionable silhouettes, the Crocs ChameleonsTM celebrates breakthrough patent pending color change technology with the innovation of the footwear brand. In broad sunlight, the Crocs ChameleonsTM changes across a spectrum of colors, so that you can see the magic in real action! Each style is specifically designed with you in mind. They can be worn to work, school, the beach, or to a night out on the town. Don’t worry about sore feet! They are comfortable enough to wear from morning until night!

For Kids - Prepare to stand out from the crowd and become the coolest kid in school with Crocs ChameleonsTM. Gone are the days of light up shoes – now you can watch your Crocs ChameleonsTM shoes change color right before your eyes! From trendy silhouettes such as the Shirley Girls to the classic silhouettes such as the Translucent Clog, the kids can be sure that the style they choose is right for them, and with the CrosliteTM footbed, moms and dads can rest at ease knowing that their little one’s feet are cool and comfortable. From play dates to school days, and even summer vacation, kids can enjoy these magical shoes wherever they go!

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