Eclectic offerings from Asmi, Sangini, Diya Diamonds, Gili, D’damas, Rivaaz and Gdivas

Mumbai, February 2012: It is no secret that behind the success of every man is a Woman. The spring of affluence in illustrious public figures has its source in a Mother, a Daughter, a Wife or a Sister if not more than each altogether. Not to mention many a nurtured guidance by a teacher, a mentor or a leader.

Since a woman steps into different roles so effortlessly and lives up to each one with perfection, it goes without saying that she needs to celebrate herself on a special day dedicated to womanhood. Women’s Day is a time when the veil is lifted up and the Spirit and Persona of a woman is brought forth.

Gitanjali Group being the pioneer of creative and well-crafted Gold and Diamond branded Jewellery in India, pays an ode to the Woman of today and has this Women’s Day on shelf, exquisite and eclectic masterpieces under its renowned brands, D’damas, Asmi, Gili, Sangini, Diya Diamonds, Rivaaz and Gdivas, each an alluring collection in its stead and appealing to the likes of each woman.

D’damas showcases bold and woven neckpieces and contemporary bracelets for today’s independent woman. The range is designed to suit her sophisticated and urbane lifestyle.

Asmi, a special collection for a woman in touch with her surreal positivity offers artistic and stylish earrings as well as rings embellished with diamonds cased in symmetric patterns. Asmi has been conceptualized keeping in mind a woman who successfully balances her personal and professional commitments.

Gili being the first official Indian Jewellery brand has evolved into an assortment of traditional, classy and trendy design. A woman can simply not leave without a purchase at a Gili store.

Sangini is for the woman who is ever ready to have an excuse for her beloved to remind her of a pure and special relationship. A Sangini creation is certainly an investment of a lifetime.

Indulge in the delights of fine craftsmanship and exquisite design offered exclusively by Diya Diamonds. Adorn authentic traditional Indian jewellery teemed with a well cut diamond necklace and earrings to make you feel most cherished and special as the occasion itself!

Personifying elegance and charm are surreal pieces from Rivaaz. Earrings made of 18k gold with CZ make the earring wearable everyday yet stylish- an everyday remembrance for the charismatic woman in you! Kadas of symmetrical shape cluster of CZ crafted together to bond in gold are reminiscent of the traditional woman in you yet striking a balance with today’s modern values.

Reinforcing the tremendous self belief that a young urbane woman enjoys today and takes in pride in Gdivas commemorates the versatility of women with a stylish set of pendants and rings complimented with diamonds and pearls- the perfect accessory to complete your everyday confident look!

Whichever facets you display of a woman, you most certainly project an aura of self-belief, warmth and congeniality and so it goes without saying that this Women’s Day, a Masterpiece of Femininity is the gift of Gitanjali.