ABSOLUT announces the launch of ABSOLUT ELYX, a vodka of real substance that honours the roots of Swedish spirit-making traditionbottle at the Duty Free Store at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), Mumbai. Manually distilled in a copper column still from 1929, and made from a single harvest of Swedish winter wheat, ABSOLUT ELYX is the result of century-old expertise, passed down through generations of Swedish vodka makers.

“We wanted to express a new vision on vodka making, by capturing and refining the very best of our distinguished heritage. We sourced the finest natural ingredients, revitalized traditional skills and know-how, and most importantly – we reactivated our 1929 copper column still,” says KristerAsplund, Vice President Operations at The Absolut Company. “Our hand-operated copper distillation defines the natural pure taste of ABSOLUT ELYX.”

ABSOLUT ELYX is recognized by its character and elegance. Its nose is plentiful with subtle, floral and fruity tones. The palate is fresh, pure and invigorating, with a silky texture, a long-lasting smooth finish, and a subtle spiciness. ABSOLUT ELYX is best enjoyed neat or on the rock. It is also perfect in martinis and classic cocktails where its purity and texture shine through.

“When developing ABSOLUT ELYX we looked back to find a vision for the future. This is evident in the ABSOLUT ELYX bottle, which is a squared version of the original ABSOLUT VODKA bottle silhouette. The copper detailing and the clarity of the design reflect both the manual copper distillation and the natural purity of ABSOLUT ELYX,” says Mark Hamilton, Global Marketing Director at The Absolut Company.

Copper Distillation for a Natural Pure Taste
Each batch of ABSOLUT ELYX is produced in a hand-operated still from 1929, with columns, pumps and hand-forged pipes made of copper. This vintage still plays an integral part in the making of ABSOLUT ELYX, since it fully makes use of copper’s exceptional and natural purifying qualities. Copper distillation is the natural way to remove any impurities in vodka, and refined copper distillation is what gives ABSOLUT ELYX its natural pure taste and unique silky texture.

A Handcrafted Vodka
With no computers involved in the copper distillation, ABSOLUT ELYX is the result of genuine craftsmanship and manual operation in every detail of the process. The old 1929 copper column still is only operated by a selected few, who inherited their knowledge and expertise from past generations of spirit and vodka makers. Made to the uncompromising standards of the skilled craftsmen, every batch of ABSOLUT ELYX is carefully tasted and approved before it is bottled.

Natural Ingredients
ABSOLUT ELYX is a single-batch vodka, made from natural ingredients. Every part of the production, from the planting of the first seed, all the way through distillation and bottling, is performed within a 25 km radius in the Åhus region of Southern Sweden. This makes ABSOLUT ELYX 100% traceable. The water comes from the natural underground spring, upon which the copper distillery rests. Filtered though the limestone bedrock, the water is exceptionally pure, low in minerals and incredibly soft.

ABSOLUT ELYX will be available at DFS, Mumbai from June ’12 onwards.