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Vadehra Art Gallery and Roli Books Celebrate The Launch of Aseem Vadehra’s First Book

A Chance at Happiness by Aseem Vadehra

Aseem Vadehra

Aseem Vadehra

A Chance at Happiness is Melancholic and humorous, the stories in this collection tell tales of love, loss, loathing, cynicism and a range of other emotions set in contemporary Delhi. From a self-assured young man coming faceto-face with his dreams from years gone past in ‘Mr Alexander’ to the trysts of adolescent love in ‘Tara’; from a hedonistic night out on the town in ‘Nitin and I’ to the sheer helplessness of losing a best friend in ‘Karan and Maneck’; we find hints and reflections of people we know and situations we meet in our life’s journey towards a chance at happiness. Lyrical and tranquil, the stories in this collection revisit the life we live in the fast-paced world but forget to appreciate, and remember the joys of our everyday existence and shelved dreams.

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