Junkyard Dog

Junkyard Dog

New Delhi: The Hot Dog Festival has continued to be a success at ‘The All American Diner’, New Delhi since the last 9 years with the best ensemble of hot dogs. Each year we take it up a notch and this year too, the festival is underway with a whole new variety in the menu. This year it is being hosted at ‘The All American Diner’, Lavasa too.

The Festival, that coincides with the National Hot Dog Month in the US begins on July 1, 2011 and will continue through August too, serving large slices of the good ol’ food of America – The Hot Dog, done in the most traditional and customary way.

The festival will feature some of the most tempting hot dogs from ballparks and cities around the US of A, apart from those that are available on the regular menu.

The Hot Dog Menu includes: Chicago Dog, Chubb’s Dog, Junkyard Dog, Reuben Dog, California Dog, Smoked Cheese Dog, Hawaiian Hot Dog, Hollywood Dog, Blackened Cottage Cheese Dog , Spicy Cottage Cheese and Salsa Dog, Hot Dog Sampler

The popularity of the term Hot Dog is generally attributed to sports cartoonist T. A. “Tad” Dorgan, who caricatured German figures as dachshund in buns, and called them hot dogs because he couldn’t spell frankfurter. Each country and state boasts of its particular style of preparing the Hot Dog, lending this dish its unique character all over the country.

‘The All American Diner’, offers the great American Meal Experience – Waffles, Pancakes, Eggs, Burgers, Malts, Shakes and Coffees in an ambience that’s unmistakable reminiscent of the nifty fifties. The décor, the ambience and the food are all reminiscent of the ‘Diners’ spread over the length and breadth of the United States. Featuring a decadent All Day Breakfast, the Bar too is open All Day…

The All American Diner opened its first franchise outlet at The Waterfront Shaw, Lavasa, which has also franchised 7 other Old World Hospitality brands, which are operating successfully in Lavasa.